SVG Capital is a major investor in Permira’s private equity funds. However, the Groups are run and managed independently.

Aberdeen SVG is jointly owned by Aberdeen Asset Management (Aberdeen Asset Management owns 50.1% of Aberdeen SVG Private Equity) and SVG Capital. Aberdeen SVG advises the Board of SVG Capital on its assessment of investment of opportunities and investment strategy.

Aberdeen SVG Private Equity Advisers Limited, advises the Board on its assessments of investment opportunities and investment strategy.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that the company operates within the guidance set out in its financing and investment strategy and will allocate any capital for reinvestment, deleveraging or return to Shareholders on an ongoing basis. The investment committee will oversee the management of the assets of the business.

You should speak to a financial adviser or stockbroker.

SVG Capital is not a Venture Capital Trust (VCT), therefore investors in SVG Capital do not qualify for capital gains tax relief.


SVG Capital has the ability to pay dividends. However, its investment objective is one of capital growth and it is anticipated that any returns for shareholders will derive primarily from the capital appreciation of its ordinary shares rather than from dividend income.